1. They think they can do it on their own or with the guidance of some books and videos.  These are good support materials but can never replace another brain, preferably an expert one personally showing you a better way.

2. They chose someone who only has one set of tools such as just NLP, or just certification from a single school. You are a unique personality, coaching is not (or should never be) a one-size-fits-all deal.  Decide on someone who has multiple skill sets and understands and has real empathy for your childhood and adulthood difficulties (if they claim that the past doesn’t matter – RUN!!!).

3.    They think they can work it out themselves. If you talk to yourself or others like you then you don't have any information, you pin yourself down to a place of no content. You need to go to an outside source for your fuel and your higher vision. They listen to stories of how someone went to an event or had a coach and it didn’t work out in order to back up this lone ranger position.

4. They choose to be coached by someone whose own life is uninspiring and on the beginner slopes rather than someone whose life ROCKS!

5. They fail to do whatever it takes to get coached. They choose the comfort of the personality over the courage of the spirit. They allow today’s fears about money and time to kill their future. They tell themselves a convincing story about later, later becomes never and their life slips by unlived. This is the greatest tragedy of all.

If you are now READY to close that potential gap and get to where you know you ought to be by now…